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a journey to easter

arts exhibition

toronto, on

march 2-april 14

The Triumphal Entry
A wire sculpture by James Paterson will be featured at the First Station of the Cross in this international arts exhibition held in Toronto for the first time. The exhibition includes the traditional 14 stations of the cross, with the addition of 2 stations, the first being the Triumphal Entry of Jesus entering Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowd. This station will be at 630 Spadina Avenue in front of Knox Presbyterian Church. 
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Station of the Cross #1
Begin the Journey to Easter with the celebratory wire sculpture by James Paterson at Station 1. Follow the map as you trace the steps of Jesus on his road from suffering to redemption. Each station will have information about the artist, the art piece, and reflections through poetry and prose. Register for a guided tour or walk the stations on your own, spending time pondering the messages portrayed.

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"Like A Machine Full Of Wonders Are My Prayers"

Moving Wire Sculpture

43 x 21 x 8 in

It's A Beautiful Thing .png

"It's A Beautiful Thing"

Moving Wire Sculpture

43 x 23 x 10 in

"A Festival Of Joy"

Moving Wire Sculpture

88 x 39 x 13 in

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"My Loves' Colours That Swirl Around Me"

31 x 21.5 x 4.5 in

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"Play Makes You Human"

Moving Wire Sculpture

85 x 36 x 12 in



"To Learn You Must Play, To Play You Must Be Very Brave - I'm Not Afraid"

Moving wire Sculpture

37 x 20 x 8.5 in



"Love's Colours Swirled And Lifted Us Together"

18 x 16 x 3.5 in


"Love Is A Playful Thing"

Moving Wire Sculpture

35 x 18.5 x 9 in



"A Head Full Of Ideas And Dreams"

46 x 40 x 9 in

beauty seekers. playful souls. start here: